Hey Ya’ll, I’m Peach And This Is


The Creation

Tired of waking up night after night looking like who did it and why after I THOUGHT my hairstyle was being protected the entire night, I had had enough!

As if it’s not grueling enough to have to train yourself to get comfortable with wearing a scarf on your head that’s 50 times to tight even for the blood to properly circulate around, and will most likely leave you with a headache the next day while also leaving your ears feeling like they have been smushed by two 10 ton weights, I got to work! Determined to find a way that I could wear the classic scarf style and have it not slip off my head while sleeping, I came up with Sledge Scarves. Design, sew, test, tweak, and repeat was my daily routine for the next year and a half. After a bunch of test runs and prototypes, I finally had a design that was perfect and stayed on my head the entire night!

Sharing It With You

Once I decided to make this an official business, I had A LOT to learn. I didn’t even have any social media let alone know how to use it (I know, very strange for a young lady in today’s age). I started teaching myself everything there is to know about starting and running your own business.

Naturally, I started looking for others on the same journey as me as a way to relate. But I had trouble finding anyone. SO, I said “peach, why not share your journey for someone like yourself that needs someone to relate to”. And my YouTube channel “Black Girl Entrepreneur” was born! Feel free to click the video above to be apart of my journey and watch me grow on this crazy business journey!

And Here We Are Today

FINALLY, my hard work has paid off and the Sledge scarf is now patent pending and ready for beautiful heads to rest on all over the world. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have because since I wore my first one, I haven’t turned back 🙂 Because no matter how wild you sleep, every woman deserves to SLAY AND STAY SLAYED. Sleep beautifully boo!